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Atmosphere In sun

The scientist have found that small solar flare could help explain why the sun’s atmosphere the corona is so  much hotter than the surface. The corona is hundreds to thousands of times hotter than the sun’s visible surface the photosphere because the sun produces heat at its core this runs counter to what one would initially expect normally the layer closes t to a sources of heat the sun’s surface in this case would have a higher temperature that the more distant atmosphere if you have got a stove and you take your hands farther way you don’t expect to feel hotter then   when you were close”.

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Food that deeps stress at bay

When work deadlines begin piling up,there is hardly any time for healthy eating.But when it comes to combating sress levels a few of us just don't need a stress ball or a few deep breaths to stop us feeling those stress triggers.Experts suggest some food items that relieve/reduce stress

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